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Event Overview

Stamina RPG 5 is an online competition for In The Groove 2 that, in addition to being a tournament in its own right, serves as the qualifier for ECS10. The event focuses on stamina content, but there is a large amount of footspeed and tech-oriented charts available as well. The difficulty ratings range from 11s to 26s and beyond, so Stamina RPG is a great tool for personal progression.

To participate, you must register on Groovestats first. Once you've done that and you've logged in on this page, you can download the songs, and then go to the Your Scores page to view your current status and enter in any new passes.

Score Submission

Using Stepmania 5, the GS Launcher, and the NEWEST VERSION of the Simply Love SM5 theme is HIGHLY recommended. By using the newest Simply Love and GS Launcher, your SRPG scores will automatically be submitted as you play (provided that you have a working internet connection). There is also a fun graphical theme for the RPG event. If you lack an internet connection, or otherwise can't use GS Launcher/update to the newest SL, manual and QR-code score submissions are still supported.

The newest version can be found here: Simply Love SM5.

You can also use Aoreo's Digital Dance theme, or SteveReen's Waterfall theme.

Here is a guide for setting your game up to automatically submit using the GS Launcher (thanks to Dom for making this!):

If you choose to enter scores manually, you have the ability to enter your score percentage and rate mod in addition to updating your pass to indicate you cleared the song. Your score and rate mod do not have to come from the same attempt on the song-- you're intended to track your best of each (so if you play a song at 1.0x rate and get a 90 and then play it at 1.1x rate and get an 80, you would enter 1.1x for your rate and 90% for your score).


There are a few rules to note:

  • You may play with way-offs/decents disabled for charts rated 17 and below.
  • Fail scores DO NOT count, regardless of how good the score is or isn't. Do not submit anything that is not a pass.
  • Backing out of a song does not count as passing a song. Do not submit passes where you backed out of the song in a break/etc.
  • Bracketing/mashing is strictly prohibited for any songs in the qualifier.
  • You must play on the normal judge and lifebar settings for ITG (Judge and Life difficulty 4). Please ensure that you're using a theme that has accurate life mechanics (If you're using Simply Love for SM5, 'ITG' or 'Competitive' mode, depending on the version you're using, should be fine).
  • No scores obtained prior to 05/29/2021 will be accepted.
  • Make sure that you have screenshots of every score you manually enter (if you submit via QR scanning or auto-submit via the GS launcher, that's sufficient validation). If a pass is questioned and you can't provide a screenshot, you'll lose credit for it. I reserve the right to request video proof of play if you're not already an established player (though that would only likely happen if you manage to qualify for ECS10).
  • Rate mods below 1.0x rate are not acceptable.

RPG Info

When you pass songs, you gain Experience Points. Increasing your rate mod increases the EXP yielded by the pass.

You will also gain Skill Points towards specific BPM ranges for most songs you pass (which impact ECS10 in addition to being involved in certain quests). More importantly, Tournament Points (based purely off the difficulty of the pass) and Length Points (based off the length and difficulty of the chart) will determine your qualifying rank for ECS10. Only your ten best passes count toward your qualifying rank for TP and only your five best passes count towards your qualifying rank for LP. Score and rate do not matter for TP or LP.

Score factors into calculations for Gold and DPRT Accolades, discussed further down.

Nature Points (or NP) also accrue as you level up. NP functions similarly to relic bonuses in the upcoming ECS event, but the difference is that it can be assigned between four different affinities of the player's choosing as a permanent bonus during your ECS10 set prior to SRPG closing. This can be done on the Settings page.

You can view the current rankings by going to the Ranking page. The Quests page will provide a log of quests that participants can undertake for rewards, and hints on how to complete them-- you may also view a list of Relics that are available as prizes for the quests. These relics will be usable in ECS10, in all divisions.


The 12 players WORLDWIDE who have earned the highest total TP + LP by September 12th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST may only compete in the Upper Division for East Coast Stamina 10.

Players ranked 13th through 24th for total TP + LP by September 12th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST may compete in the Mid Division for East Coast Stamina 10 by default, but may request to enter Upper Division.

Players ranked 25th through 64th for total TP + LP by September 12th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST may only compete in the Mid Division for East Coast Stamina 10.

Players ranked 65th through 90th for total TP + LP by September 12th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST may compete in the Lower Division for East Coast Stamina 10 by default, but may request to enter Mid Division.

All other entrants who have submitted any scores by September 12th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST may compete in the Lower Division for East Coast Stamina 10.




In the world of Stamina RPG, three major countries vie for dominance and influence. Players who complete songs and quests in particular ways will be awarded Accolades. By completing quests and gaining accolades for a faction, your standing with them will increase, and special rewards will be given to those who climb the ranks.

Stamina Nation

The Stamina Nation is a loosely confederated group of regional states with many different cultures and traditions, ranging from famous areas like East Coast Stamina and French Coast Stamina to more remote locales like Viking Coast Stamina and Japan Coast Stamina. While diverse, the citizens of Stamina Nation are united in a strong work ethic, and they're a patient, industrious people who find fulfillment in achieving arduous long-term goals. A volunteer peacekeeping force known as the Stamina Corps protects the people here, and it's helmed by Archi, perhaps better known by his epithet, the 'Godfather of Stamina'. The Stamina Corps is particularly adept at handling large monsters, and it's rumored the Corps will grant you Stamina Nation Accolades by defeating enemies that fit that description.

In 3 ABP, a large portion of Stamina Nation was destroyed and rendered uninhabitable by a natural disaster known as the Streamscourge. This event led to unrest in the ranks of the Stamina Corps and the reestablishment of the Footspeed Empire. The huge loss of life has weighed heavily on the inhabitants here, as well as the mystery of the event's final chapters.

Democratic People's Republic of Timing

Situated to the north of Stamina Nation, the Democratic People's Republic of Timing is a rugged, resource-rich country that has been enriched through trade with the Stamina Nation and Footspeed Empire. Its inhabitants are famously detail-oriented perfectionists, leading many to become extremely succesful artisans and merchants. They have a well-equipped military force known as the Timing People's Army (TPA), and citizens aged 18-45 are conscripted by lottery to serve in it. The TPA wrote the book on combat against tricky, tech-oriented beasts, and they're known to award DPRT Accolades to staminadventurers who take those types of monsters down-- especially if they do it with finesse.

Recently, McJeebie was elevated to the position of Supreme Leader of the DPRT after years of involvement in the Accuracy Party. He is known as a trail-blazing reformer and is affectionately referred to as the 'Fantastic Leader' by the populace, from whom he enjoys great fantastic support.

Footspeed Empire

Bordered by the DPRT to the east and Stamina Nation to the southeast, the wild Footspeed Empire is a sparsely inhabited land. Priding themselves as being preternatural risk takers, the people of this country live and die by the roll of the dice. The Footspeed Empire is home to Memepeace, a company engaged in an eclectic array of activities ranging from public works projects to monster removal services. Given the vast numbers of powerful, dangerous monsters endemic to the Footspeed Empire, everyone living here relies on this organization to keep them safe.

After the cataclysmic events of the Final Bearpocalypse back in 0 ABP, the Footspeed Empire collapsed, which led refugees to settle in the Stamina Nation. Memepeace was founded in 4 ABP from that Stamina Nation foothold with the aim of reestablishing the formerly great realm, and it is well on its way to recovering its former glory thanks to the organization's efforts. The Palace of Speed has been built anew near the slopes of Mt. Sigatrev, but the Footspeed Throne sits empty even today, and the ultimate goals of the mysterious 'JEO of Memepeace' remain unknown. What IS known, however, is that the company will award Footspeed Empire Accolades for business relating to the defeat of powerful, speedy fiends.

Each faction in Stamina RPG has its own currency and shop. The Stamina Nation's Bronze Bistro accepts Bistro Bucks, which scale exponentially with the amount of stream a chart has. The primary currency of the Democratic People's Republic of Timing is Gold-- exchangeable in the Border Shop-- and you will receive that from songs you score above an 80 on (with DPRT faction songs being worth significantly more). Finally, the Footspeed Empire's Memepeace organization accepts Jej Points at its Memepeace Company Store, which you will receive for any chart you've rate modded to 240 BPM or above.


Looking back at the last ten years of ECS events, the stamina community has grown immensely and has reached many different corners of the world. I'm grateful to everyone that has participated.

For all the newcomers: Thanks for checking out Stamina RPG (and thanks for reading this far)! Welcome, have fun, and don't be afraid to engage with the community on the Stamina Nation Discord-- it's a very helpful, beginner-friendly environment!

For all the friends, competitors, and everyone else around the community who have stuck with me through this long journey: Thanks for continuing to see the value in my work. Life's a lot easier to get through with a sense of purpose, and the stamina community has given me that.

I'd like to give an extra special thanks to the following individuals who helped to make Stamina RPG 5. It's no longer possible for me to do all of this work by myself, so I really want to acknowledge the great efforts of everyone below to make this event as great as possible. Everyone on this list either created content specifically for SRPG5, contributed it at my request, or sent it to me to showcase in one of my events (this list does not include people who wrote content for publicly released packs that I selected from-- those people are credited on the individual files):

  • Dom (API dev, RPG dev)
  • natano (Launcher dev, theme dev, RPG dev)
  • teejusb (Theme dev)
  • Pluto (Logo art, relic art)
  • Evocait (Shop art)
  • YourVinished (Theme music, charts, ??????)
  • UVCat (SN content, charts, ??????, ??????)
  • glory limited. (SN content, Korean trslt., Thanatopsis mix, ??????)
  • ITGAlex (DPRT content, charts, The Epic of Zektbach mix)
  • Levitas (FE content, charts)
  • Okami (Beginner content, French translation, charts)
  • Zaia (Charts, ??????)
  • Rems (Charts, French translation, Cardiologie mix)
  • Chief Skittles (Charts, ??????)
  • Nav (??????)
  • CardboardBox (Bulk .sm update code)
  • dbk2 (Theme dev)
  • Aoreo (Charts)
  • aminuteawayx (Japanese translation)
  • Fieoner (Spanish translation)
  • MadeITG (Spanish translation)
  • nvITG (Charts)
  • yutsi (Charts)
  • Dingoshi (Charts)
  • StarrySergal (Charts)
  • Rust (Charts)
  • Kyy (Charts)
  • Tuuc (Charts)
  • ExJam09 (Charts)
  • ExJam11 (Charts) (WHO IS EXJAM11?!)
  • StoryTime (Big Waves)